Tuesday, May 1, 2012

On Blowjobs and Getting Off

This afternoon, I had an exciting thought: Over the years of having sex, which part of it did I really like and enjoy? Have I really liked it; or have I faked it and got on with it just to get off?

I sent a "Sex Anthropological Research Question" to a few people regarding a specific phase in sexual intercourse: Oral Sex. I asked people about their opinions about oral sex (of course, there's felatio and cunnilingus, but my market is a sea of gay people). I asked them if they liked giving and/or getting head.

A cluster of gay people confessed that they like both. It's like reciprocating a kiss that leads to another thing. It's like doing to your partner what you want to be done to you. Thus, the Law of Reciprocity. To most people on that cluster, giving head is more than just exchanging body fluids, not to mention seminal. There's just this inexplicable subtlety in giving head -- the priceless feeling that you are the vital player in bed. In some cases, others prefer giving blowjobs while they masturbate until they both come(a fetish only them can explain, but at least, it works for them). And there are also people who just like getting head and not giving any. And there are those, of course, who don't like it. Or just the idea of it. They say it's gross and disgusting.

True enough, it is; but also, sex is just as disgusting as it is enjoyable.

I was successful to classify the clusters: The Givers, The Ones Who Reciprocate, The Passive One, and The Self-righteous Bitch. I was once a Self-righteous Bitch. I don't like giving head but I like getting it. You see, sex works in different ways. To some, including me, just getting worked at and not doing anything at all gives you potency and power. It gives you superiority. It boosts up your self-esteem in ways you can not define. It makes you masculine and machismo.

On the other hand, the same thing works for The Givers. That in giving head, they acquire power. That in working their jaws arduously they gain control over the situation. They possess the advantage of finishing the game instantly, or play with your balls until you cry for the climax and beg for more, making The Giver the master of the game.

You see, they may be on their knees but they got you right on the balls. And that is a wise game plan that works all the time that makes you twitch as you arch your back, and explode.

And explosion is all that matters. Because we are, after all, The Self-righteous Bitches.

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