Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Have you ever had the feeling that the whole Universe is against you?

You wanted to amok, cause havoc -- but you just remained seated there, right in the very corner where it all happened as tears cascaded down to your cheeks, keeping you gasping and panting, not for fresher air, but for silver linings.


I was there. I was there when you were wearing that same, old ensemble: ragged, torn and ripped apart. I was there. I was there when you almost half-drugged yourself to death. I was there. I was there beside you, hugging the walls where you regained balance from. I was there. Stuck with you until your last, dying breath.

I am your shadow; intertwined to your feeble body. I am your tears; endlessly tracking your pallid face. I am your solitude, your melancholy, your sorrow; I am yourself.

You are not alone.


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