Wednesday, July 13, 2011


It has always been a pleasant feeling to have a good start. To start on something where you don't really have an audience to please, or something that will put you under great pressure, for that matter. As for this blog, I aim to own a brand new slate.

I have been on Tumblr for a year now, and it is quite a good and catchy experience. Not only that I was able to share my insights, unpopular opinions--I was able to meet great and talented people. People who have, somewhat, created a great impact in my life, and I hope I was able to impart something in return. People I have learned to understand, care for; people I now call 'friends'.

However, over the months that I have lurked on Tumblr, it has suddenly turned into a seemingly predictable feat. Admittedly, I have grown tired of it. But like what I have said before, I will never deactivate that account which had served me, undeniably, quite well for a year.

But inevitably, I am seeking for a new outlet. I am seeking for a grandiose riposte. I am seeking for a fresher air to breathe. And I hope, that this new chosen space will be there to cater me up until I-do-not-know-when.

To make things sure, like my other account, this will remain constant and I will try my utmost to keep this, somehow, alive. I hope to make this a long written narrative of my daily exhibition and existence.

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