Thursday, July 21, 2011

Manila and Its Wonders

You alighted from the train during the starless and cold night. The noise of random people talking at the same time, the honking of buses, cars and jeepneys audible. You started walking through the noise as the night promised nothing but more business and noise. You took each and every step with precious precaution as you bumped into other people’s shoulders; sometimes faces, muffling every noise in the background.

You started to walk in a more fastidious manner as though galloping together with that unknown, unwritten melody. Your heart pumped and skipped a beat; your throat lumped as you lunged for polluted air.

You hailed for a cab as you choked. Stepped inside as he sat beside you. He smiled and held your hand and tugged it a little stronger as he looked into your eyes through and through.

And suddenly, all was well.

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