Friday, July 22, 2011

It brings me into a state of eargasm as those plenty tiny drops pounded my windowsill altogether creating a beautiful feat that makes my heartbeats mute; it puts all there is to ignore into absolute silence, just the pouring of it is all you can think of. You can wander into it as thoughts slowly slither your divine sanity.

I love the breath-taking chill it delivers every now and then. That in that instantaneous, abrupt momentum, everything will be cold. And that chill will pierce you with its ice-cold daggers, slowly protruding your humanity through and through. It escalates the tension as it relaxes those anguished beasts inside you, making you breathe faster but calmer. You can wander into it fearlessly as you have nothing to be afraid of. After all, you have mastered the art of understanding and embracing such coldness.

I just love the rain. I adore how it brutally and whimsically muffles my senses in a good, delightful, but poignant way.

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